Music Visualizer
Winter 2012


Worked in a small team to develop a music visualizer in Python and Javascript. Personally implemented Fourier analysis of audio waveforms. A video demo can be found here and the source is on Github.

Particle Physics Simulator
Spring 2012


Worked in a small team to develop a two dimensional particle simulator with the Lightweight Java Game LIbrary. Personally implemented Newtonian mechanics, fluid dynamics, and OpenGL particle rendering. A video demo can be found here and the source is on Github.

On the Holism of College Admissions
Spring 2012​

​Performed a multivariate regression on data collected from 53 recent Stuyvesant graduates  to examine the effectiveness of a number of variables in predicting students' admission to a selective college. Obtained significant results and developed a policy that prospective applicants should follow. Read the full paper here.

AP CS Project


Statistics Study


Algae Study
Dosage Response Curves of Nannochloropsis and Monochrysis lutheri to Sodium Phosphate and Urea 
Spring 2011

Researched ideal environments for oil production from two algae species; presented at the US Naval Academy at a conference held by the NCSSSMST. Read the full paper here.



Friend Finder
Fall 2013


Visting somewhere away from home, or just want to meet new people? Use Amigo to connect with Facebook and find other people you're connected with nearby (friends and friends of friends). Written and demoed at PennApps, a 48 hour hackathon held at the University of Pennsylvania. A video demo can be found here and the source is on Github.

Sleepy Bob
Fall 2013


Parallax sidescrolling ragdoll game with awesome physics thanks to Box2D.js. Avoid obstacles and make it to bed! Won first place at the Google Game Jam, a 24 hour hackathon held at Cornell University. A video demo can be found here and the source is on Github.

Google Game Jam


Portfolio Builder
Spring 2013


Worked in a small team to develop a streamlined portfolio builder; presented at Google NYC. The source is on Github.

SoftDev Project


MIT Splash


Fall 2013


Taught a 2 hour course on Machine Learning and Audio Analysis with Python at MIT Splash, a program where college students teach high school students short classes for a weekend. Covered supervised learning, unsupervised learning, reinforcement learning, and Fourier transforms, and built an elementary vowel classifier using a support vector machine. Check out the source code on Github.



Stereo Vision
Fall 2013 - present


Given two 2D viewpoints of a 3D scene, stereo vision (much like human depth perception) produces a depth mapping of the scene. I've worked on stereo vision and camera calibration in order to improve path planning algorithms and object tracking for Cornell's Autonomous Underwater Vehicle team. I'm currently working on a system for automated vision testing.

Sound Vis


Geospatial Music Visualization
April 2014 - August 2014


Created full stack web application that allows users to upload 'sound bites' and their GPS location to a Mongo datastore. The user is presented with a visualization of what sound bites have been uploaded to what places based on the spectral centroid of the audio as well as the volume; visualizations done via canvas overlay on Google Maps. OAuth login, geospatial query, efficient caching, and more also implemented - see source.

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