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Picture of Daryl. Photo Credit: Kevin Wang


a bit about me:

I'm a junior studying Computer Science at Cornell University's College of Engineering with a passion for artificial intelligence, machine learning, game design and robotics. I grew up in New York City and attended Stuyvesant High School, where I had the pleasure of participating in FIRST robotics' FTC and FRC programs as well as mentoring an FLL team. Here at Cornell, I've joined the software subteam of the Autonomous Underwater Vehicle project team where I've been working on computer vision, graphics, and applying machine learning to controls. I've also researched LIDAR calibration with the Autonomous Systems Lab and have recently joined the Robotic Personal Assistants Lab where I'm working on path planning. I'm currently looking for Summer 2016 software/research internships.


When the weather permits, I enjoy rowing and cycling; otherwise I indulge in video games, singing and piano.

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